Cool Looking Dude

1997 Gold Champagne (registered Palomino) Stallion - AQHA # 3552869
International Champagne Horse Registry (ICHR) # 321
Palomino Horse Breeders Association (PHBA) # 82770
National Foundation Quarter Horse Association (NFQHA) # F0028352

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Cool Looking Dude is a Gold Champagne AQHA stallion, also registered with International Champagne Horse Registry (ICHR), Palomino Horse Breeders Association, and National Foundation Quarter Horse Association (85%).

This gentle giant is a linebred son of My Skip Vanzi out of a superior halter producing dam. This phenomenal stallion stands a solid 15.3+ and weighs 1350 lbs, has a pencil neck, large hip with deep low muscling, short back and a very developed chest and shoulder. Cool Looking Dude has a short pretty head, big eyes and small sharp ears - he is balanced and refined. Best of all, he has improved every mare that he has bred. He has produced long thin futurity necks and expressive heads, well-developed even-growing foals that are money earners. He has sired several futurity winners and State high-point earners in South Dakota. He is consistently producing what all disciplines look for because his offspring are performance horses also. This guy has truly got what it takes to be another great all-around sire. The basis of a proven breeding program, a proven lineage show history and years of experienced horsemen have developed this line of horses to improve whatever program or discipline you fancy. We believe that every serious breeder should have at least one of these foundation individuals in their breeding program. Give us a call, we would love to talk to you about the possibilities for you and your mare. All this and, the "million dollar color craze" awaits you. Here you go - your chance to breed for the hottest colors in the country.

The popular Champagne color is highly sought after for Futurity Winning generations. Gold is the result of one or two champagne genes acting upon an otherwise red (sorrel or chestnut) horse. This can have several different results, depending upon which other genes are present, but typically creates a golden body color with a flaxen, or near-white, mane and tail. This horse is usually registered as a Palomino, even though the skin is some shade of pink with freckles, not the normal dark skin of the Palomino. The term "mottled", under skin color, may allow for this in the PHBA registry (Palomino Horse Breeders of America).

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